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The Garðr Projects

Garðr - the secure way of adding external content

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Adding external content to your site puts site owners in a position where they no longer are in control of wether their site is available or not.

The Garðr projects aim to provide a safer way to add external content such as display advertisments to a site.

View the presentation Garðr - at a glance for a quick intro

JavaScript library

Garðr is a simple client library for taking external content and wrapping it inside an iframe to ensure that the host site always stays up, regardless of how the content behaves.


The validator module is the engine which runs the validation rules and checks. It uses PhantomJS to run the content with the configured rules and checks.

Validator Web Application

The validator web application helps validate your content according to the rules you specify. Creators can validate their content to ensure it will render fast and without breaking the host site. It is designed to help the transition to HTML based rich media advertisements.

Utility modules

Below are the smaller modules which is used in different parts of the project. They can also be used in other context than as a part of Garðr.